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In 1981, Joe Amato and a group of dedicated Saint Catherine of Siena parishioners had a dream –  an amazing technicolor dream, that has endured for three generations.  That dream was Saint Catherine’s Players and bringing “Broadway” to town to benefit not only our audiences, but to provide a rich and rewarding theatre experience to our cast and give back to our parish and the greater community during the Lenten season.

Mounting a full-scale musical production that welcomes a cast of more than fifty amateur and seasoned actors from age 8 to 80 with orchestra, sets, lights, sound, costume and a host of other support functions is a monumental task only made possible with the support of our pastor, the parish, the SCP board, production team and countless volunteers.

So, as the curtain closes on this our 35th production, we take this opportunity to give special thanks to those brave families who supported Joe’s dream in the early 1980’s with time, talent and treasure so that Saint Catherine’s Players would “fly” for years to come with each new generation. We know we have missed many, but here is our honor roll of SCP Parish Pioneers:

Amato, Azzara, Baxendale, Berzolla, DeCsepel, DiGiovanna, Humphrey, Hoelscher, LeFebvre, LePoutre, Kashatus, Kelly-Stevens, Lynch, Lapcevic, Morelli, Pulick, Santora, Telerico, Tobin, Yax, Zadrosny and Zdinak.

“Dreams do come true if only we wish hard enough!” – Peter Pan

Jody Breakell & Wendy Blumenthal


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